Why tango?

What is Argentine Tango? It’s a dance that originated and evolved in Buenos Aires, Argentina about 100 years ago. While Argentine Tango competitions exist, the dance is predominantly a social one, just like Salsa, Swing, or Zouk. Tango emphasizes a deep connection within the dancing couple who can improvise complex dancing on the spot using music, a few fundamental rules, and an awareness of each other’s bodies to synchronize and communicate.

(pro) Dancers improvise to traditional Argentine tango music

A characteristic of Argentine Tango is that it is highly versatile as it is not tied to a particular music pattern. While most often it is danced to traditional Argentine Tango music, once mastered it allows one to move to a wide range of music.

Tango can be danced to (almost) any music

Why take up Argentine Tango? Because moving with someone in complete synchronicity to music is an incredible feeling and doing this with tango is becoming increasingly popular! Once you know it you’ll be able to dance to a wide range of music with people you’ve never met before. Thousands of dancers from cities big and small around the world are heading weekly to their local milongas (social tango-dancing events) or travel to other cities for weekend or weeklong dancing extravaganzas.

People enjoying some social dancing at the Mediterranean Summer Tango Festival

Argentine tango is also a great way to improve your social skills, meet people, and make long-lasting friendships! Dancers often develop deep bonds with other dancers locally and internationally as it is easy to connect over a shared passion. We often meet for dinners, parties, and other fun unrelated to dancing! Finally, it’s a great excuse to travel, visit beautiful cities, and make instant friends. Have a glimpse at some of our own tango joys here.

How should I start? We offer a low-committment way for you try out Argentine tango and take your first steps dancing. Just pop in on any Sunday at 3pm for our weekly TangoLabs practica at the NCI centre on Holland Street. You’ll get to see people dancing and we’ll give you a taster class; all in a very casual and friendly setting. There are is no dress code and you are welcome with or without a partner. If you like it, we’ll take it from there!