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A weekend of Cambridge milongas and workshops with international tango superstars Sofia Saborido and Pablo Rodriguez!

Schedule and Venues

Friday (May 17th) @ St. Pauls’s Church, Hills Road (Upper Hall)

8:30 -12pm : Milonga Alla Arriba (TDJ El Negro Flores)

Saturday (May 18th) @ NCI Community Centre

2-3:20pm : Workshop 1 (Change in dynamics and options for interpretative changes)

3:30-4:50pm : Workshop 2 (Voleos, lead, reaction and variations)

7-11pm : Milonga with performance ( TDJ: TBA)

Sunday (May 19th) @ NCI Community Centre

12-1:20pm : Workshop 3 (Musical interpretation. Melodic and rythmical elements)

1:30-2:50pm : Workshop 4 (Dancing out of axis)

3-5:30pm : Practilonga (TDJ: Radu Jianu)

Pricing and Registration

Workshops: Pre-registration by filling out this form is required to guarantee your spot and take advantage of reduced pricing.

1 workshops: £30 (deposit £10)

2 workshops: £55 (deposit £20)

3 workshops: £75 (deposit £30)

4 workshops: £90 (deposit £40)

Milongas and practica are paid at the door (no registration required).

Milonga Alla Arriba (Friday night): £10  (or £8 for students)

Saturday Milonga: £15 (or £10 for students)

TangoLabs Practilonga (Sunday afternoon): included with workshops or £7 (£5 for students) otherwise