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Schedule and Venue

Friday (Sept 29th) @ St. John the Evangelist’s Church, Hills Road

7-11pm : Opening Milonga (TDJ Tatiana)

11:30-2am : Bonus after-party!

Saturday (Sept 30th) @ St. John the Evangelist’s Church, Hills Road

11-12:15pm : Workshop 1 ( Sacadas in comfort for leaders and followers. Who, where, when and how. Working for safe sacadas in social dancing)

12:30-1:45pm Workshop 2 ( Leg wraps and barridas:  let’s explore the dialogue through the contact of the free legs!)

2-5pm PracticLonga (TDJ James)

6-7pm : Open Class (Tiny and rhythmical. Practice useful small patterns that will fit in all those moments when the music asks you to go fast)

7-11pm : Grand Milonga with performance (TDJ Monika)

11:30-2am : Bonus after-party!

Sunday (Oct 1st) @ NCI Centre, Holland Street

11-12:15pm Workshop 3 (Qualities of movement: the suspension. Add texture to your dance, revisiting the way you perform your moves)

12:30-1:45pm Workshop 4 (Exploring Pivots & Crosses. How to use and mix them to create new possibilities. Possibilities using the pivot. Micro-pivot, pivot and over-pivot. Crosses for both roles)

2-6pm : Closing Milonga (TDJ Kira)


Pablo Inza (Arg) is considered by many to be one of the present day tango scene’s most influential figures and has won respect worldwide for his innovative and creative style. Pablo’s personal style is rich in contrasting dynamics and playful musicality. Frequently invited to some of the largest tango festivals in Europe and North America, Pablo has been teaching and performing around the world since 1999. An excellent teacher with a great capacity for analysis and an innate sense of musicality, Pablo’s classes are popular amongst dancers of all levels. 

Sofia Saborido (Arg) A delicate yet intense dancer, Sofia has a extensive background in theatre, ballet, modern and jazz dance. The deep musicality and quality of movement in her dancing is based on a refined and sensitive connection. Being the great grand daughter of Enrique Saborido, a legendary dancer, musician and composer of tangos like La Morocha, Felicia and others, she was literally born with tango in her veins. In 2006 she won the fourth place in the tango championship of Buenos Aires. Since then she dedicates her time on teaching and performing mainly in Europe but also in United States and Asia.


[Friday night] Tatiana started DJ-ing seven years ago with a strong belief that a good DJ combines the tradition, the knowledge of tango music, and an understanding of dancers. She feels that interpreting the music can be both exciting and challenging for dancers. As a tango DJ, she wants to see all dancers enjoy themselves on the dancefloor, each of us with our own experiences and expectations. She aims to see that the music connects people at milonga, whether they are dancing, listening or just enjoying the evening. Then the magic of the milonga happens. Then Tango happens.

[Saturday night] A former Londoner, avid tango traveller and now firmly Poland-owned, Monika’s music selection is like her tango journey so far: keen on variety, in love with Southern European energy and yet romantic and Slavic at heart! Monika keeps Golden Age tracks as the core of her sets (Troilo & D’Arienzo fan girl), but depending on the time of day or night enjoys sprinkling them with special pieces, both newer arrangements and Guardia Vieja hits.

[Sunday afternoon] Kira became a tango DJ after many years of teaching, travelling, performing and organizing tango events. All of those activities enriched her understanding of tango music and the energy of a milonga. As a dj she tries to create a large variety of moods and feelings to the dancers. Her main inspiration comes from the golden age orchestras … although she sometimes liks it with a twist !

[Saturday afternoon practilonga] Our own TDJ James has been delighting Cambridge Tango dancers with rock solid music for the past decade.

Pricing and Registration

Workshop pass: £80 (pre-registration required)

  • Includes all four workshops (intermediate/advanced)
  • Couples registration advisable
  • Register in time; we will close registration once classes are full

Milonga pass: £40 (pre-registration required)

Includes all three milongas (Opening, Grand, Closing) as well as the Open Class on Saturday.

*does not include Saturday afternoon practilonga; this is paid separately at the door (£7).

A la carte   (pre-register or pay at the door, (subject to space availability)

  • Any 1 Workshop (Intermediate/Advanced) : £25*  (couple registration advisable)
  • Friday milonga : £15
  • Saturday milonga with performance : £20 or
  • Saturday milonga with performance and open class : £25
  • Saturday practica (at the door only): £7
  • Sunday milonga : £15

Join our Facebook Event to stay updated. Contact if you have any questions.